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Error code CE-36244-9
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I am begging for a solution at this point. I switched from Xbox to Ps4 to play apex legends. When I went to download it, It got to where I need to download the HD textures, when those get to 53% (once it got to 57%) it says "Data corrupted, error CE-36244-9. So I tried wired connection, didn't work. Called Sony and went through troubleshooting (literally everything). didn't work. Exchanged the ps4 and went through the process again, didn't work. Returned my ps4 and tried to get a slim. Same process, didn't work. Took it to my friends house and it worked fine. Everything downloaded like it was supposed to. No problem, took it home, got into a game and about 3 games in it froze. Restarted ps4 and Apex Legends wasn't there. Tried to re download, same error. Tried over and over and over and finally the textures stopped downloading at 52% for some reason and I played all night, called EA and they said to open the ports, did and restarted ps4 to download the game, SAME ERROR. (I am nearly 3 months into trying to get this PLEASE HELP.) 


It has a static IP

Ive done safe mode option 7

Ive rebuilt the database

and everything else possible. 

Who Me Too'd this topic