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Sims 4 can’t enter live mode/can’t play my sims
★ Novice

After the recent update Realm of Magic, I have not been able to play my sims in game. I can edit them in cas and play in build mode but I can’t play them. When I click the play button on the household it does not do anything. When I enter live mode from build mode, the sims are not there. Also, the motherlode cheat is not working for me either but others are.🤔 I have tried everything from repairing/reinstalling the game, moving my folder to create a fresh game, disabling mods, removing broken mods. Even with all mods/cc disabled this problem still occures. Also, when I hover over the houses to see the household, the picture of the sims do not show up, it’s just a blue glitchy picture, and again this does also happen with mods/cc removed. 

Who Me Too'd this topic