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Champion of Tarsis. COMPLETED! Pictures of Gold Paint!
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Finally! After the long grind in Anthem for Champion of Tarsis i have finally completed it and man does the Gold paint looks so freaking AWESOME!


Even though this grind was extremely tough at times the gold paint for me made it worth. Plus i like playing anthem so it wasn't as bad. Standard smile


I wish there was more rewards tied to this challenge like alot more coins then the 2k given "Like come'on only 2,000 coins Really????" and maybe a wrap or decal too. But overall the gold paint for me was it and of course the satisfaction knowing that i also completed COT too.


The last 5K points was the hardest to do because of how close yet so far you are from completing it.  "You know every chance you have you are checking how much more you need to go"* If i can recommend something. Only look at the cortex 1x per week because if you do it daily it will drive you nuts like it did to me. *..


Anywho here are the pictures. Though my Javelins are not a 100% complete look how i want them but are close.






Thanks for looking.


Post your gold Bling'ed out Javelin here. I'd like to check them out. Standard smile

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