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Sims 4 island living unable to travel/do anything glitch
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I just bought island living and for some reason I’ve been having this glitch where I basically can't click on anything. I’ll try to click on the skills, relationship, inventory, simology, clubs, and when I click on the career i have to click it twice to open. After that I can't travel by phone or by clicking on the lot I want to go to, I also can't click on the 3 dots in the corner to exit game, In build mode the items don't show up and I can't go to manage worlds, when I try to the screen turns black but I can still click things. My sims will continue to work fine in the lot they are in now, but everything I said above just does not work. I’ve restarted my pc and repaired the game multiple times, I do have mods in but majority of them I've never had a problem with, it was when I got island living that problems started.

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