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Deleted account
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I had a pvz2 on my ipad that ive playing for 6 years, ive done all the progress, bought many plants, I had many coins and gems. I wanted to copy it to my phone (that i havent even started) so I thought I could use the log in option. I logged in on my ipad and on my phone on the same gmail. I was doing this on my phone, it said I could transfer the accout from my ipad to my phone, buy afterwards I would only could play in my phone, cause the account would be deleted from my ipad. And i still wanted to play in my ipad, so i clicked on the 0% progress account in order to put maintain it on my phone and maintain the 100% progress on my ipad. But i think I misread the text and I DELETED THE ACCOUT I WANTED TO KEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM REALLY REALLY NERVOUS. DID I DELETE MY ACCOUNT? CAN I GET IT BACK?

Who Me Too'd this topic