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Sluggish, slow and laggy mouse.
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Hello, I have troubles with sluggish/slow/laggy mouse movements that I am not experiencing in any other games. I see that my CPU is 'bottlenecking' a bit but that is not a problem in other games. I have around 100-150 FPS in-game and if the game quickly drops frames I almost cannot move my mouse and aim normally. This is mostly noticable when using scoped sniper rifles as I cannot flick shoot on someone like in other games and it is very frustrating because I know I should hit those shots. The mouse just doesn't move consistently fast but rather slows down. And the most weird part of this is in the BETA and on launch the game felt better and the mouse movement was normal. I don't know what happened in the patches. Battlefield 5 is unplayable for me now. I also tried to cap frames to 60 because it surely wont drop bellow 60 and it's still slow and laggy. I just played Battlefield 1 to test if this also occurs there but it doesn't. I was also having big frame drops but the mouse movement was consistent and I could normally snipe people. I also tried various fixes from people around the internet but nothing fixed it. I played around with DX11, DX12 and Future Frame Rendering, V Sync and there were no differences.


Thank you for your replies and I hope we find a solution.

PC Specs:

- Windows 10 Pro

- GTX 1080Ti

- 6700K 4.5GHz
- 16GB DDR4 2933MHz
- Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard

- SSD Samsung 850 EVO

Who Me Too'd this topic