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Account banned due to Payment failure, no appeal
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To whom it may concern,

I recently got an email telling me I was permanently banned without an explanation, upon calling customer support I find out it was due to a payment failure. I knew what the payment failure was (me attempting to buy cartel coins but having my card rejected for an unknown reason) I called my bank and confirmed that no charges had actually gone through.

I was told by the customer service rep that my issue would be escalated and that I should receive another email regarding the issue to assist me.

Upon receiving this email I was told I had to call CS if I am having account issues. It was outside calling hours so I would have to wait until this afternoon to call them, but before I could I got an email telling me my dispute i had already made had been denied.

The failed payments were not fraudulent and i confirmed I owned the account and the payments were in fact me yet I was still banned for what I assume was a belief the attempt was fradulent as that is the only possible rule I see in the codes of conduct.

I know my account was completely safe and not hacked, and no one was trying to phish my account or use my payment info, and would just like to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, I would be happy with any response or discussion that may be opened and am willing to be completely cooperative with whoever it may take.


Username: _Fangz_

Ticket: #33961254


Who Me Too'd this topic