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Battlefield 5 Game hacks
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Battlefield 5 is 75% full of people using Aim Bot and Wall hacks and ESP.

I only just started playing and paying for this game and I have played BFP4F for a long time.

Its very obvious that people are using these hacks and unfortunately they will always be around and as a result it kills off the games we like to play.

So many games are being destroyed by these hacks that its not worth trying to compete against the people using them.

At the end of the day I am not going to pay $20 a month to play online with people using hacks to cheat and anyone else has no chance against them. 

Good luck at trying to fix this problem because it is unfixable , I know it and they know it.

This will be my first and last comment as I see no point being here anymore , wasting my money , so good luck !

Who Me Too'd this topic