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Visual Aid for Latest Patch?
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I read about the latest patch here and here


It sais: The base game has received new tops, bottoms, accessories, hairstyles, and a hat. 

and: We’ve added new clothing, accessories, and hairstyles to the PC base game for all The Sims 4 players to enjoy. 


I play on a Gaming Laptop. When I go in CAS I don't see any new hairstyles. The patch worked though because CAS changed and so did the start up screen etc. I mad sure uncheck both masculinity and feminine so I would get ALL the hairstyles.


So... Maybe I'm just overlooking it. Hence why I am searching for a visual aid, pictures of all the new items that came with the latest patch.


Does anyone know where to find a visual aid for the new items? 

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Wie heeft Ik ook gebruikt bij dit onderwerp