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VERY IMPORTANT information before you purchase
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I was directed here, after chatting in the official EA chat window, by the advisor, to post my issue here and get official help.


I asked why there is no CLEAR statement on the EA Sims 4 game purchase site that says that players WILL (absolutely) need better and better computer specs (additional RAM for each pack that is purchased) if they add more packs to their game. The site only shows base requirements, and does not clearly make any statement that you MUST have additional specs with each added pack. It is not clear that with each pack that someone wishes to purchase that they will need additional RAM with each pack. Furthermore, is is VERY difficult to actually find the specs required (without digging through the multiple pages)- it should be listed right at the top of the (pack) page.


I asked for an official answer- and this is that conversation (which absolutely needs to be clearly stated on the site- before people purchase a pack, or the game itself):


Advisor: "So if you have a 4 GB ram and you installed a 1.5 GB game, it would work fine. Then after a while you add another expansion pack which is 1GB, now it's 2.5 GB in total. It would still work fine if you have not installed any other application on your PC only use the system to play games. However if you keep increasing the size of the game by adding more and more packs, obviously you would need to update your system with better specs. I hope it does make sense?" (better specs than is listed on EA's site)

Me: "Why is that not listed on EA's site?"

Advisor: "Because we do not know that how many packs a customer going to buy and it is basic thing which every gamer would
aware of. You would need upgrade your specs if you want to add more packs."

Me: "upgrade from what is recommended on EA's site you mean?"

Advisor: "Yes please"

Me: "Okay.... how do I get this issue addressed properly?" 

Advisor: "That's why I am asking you to please post this issue on EA site(Forum) as this is not something that we adviser can take
care of."

Who Me Too'd this topic