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What is the point of team power and levels etc???
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Ive got 108 offense...106 defense...and 3650 team power.

In the powerline event today...i was absolutely ripped to shreds by the ea ai team...and threw 3 picks.

In league...3 tds scored on me in the latest lvl.

Last night...the first of the boss events took me over 30 tries to complete(the rush for 4 tds one) the point of accumulating such a team...when its like im playing with a team full of bronze players.



Ea....your game is ridiculous.


Im not the greatest player in the not even close to the best in my league...but i know how to play.


All that greatness ive acquired...and the ea ai just lets me get smashed 


So...someone from ea can explain to me why the game is ridiculously unfair---NOT ANYONE ELSE....SOMEONE FROM EA



Who Me Too'd this topic