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Spore saving failed spore will restart
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Basically every time I save the game spore says something along the lines of save failed your game will now restart. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing seems to be working. This being said the first few saves seemed to be working at least somewhat. However my save and my brothers save were completely gone. I gave spore administration rights which didn't help at all. I checked the game files themselves and there didn't seem to be anything wrong. I ended up just deleting them and booted up spore again anyway, and it worked. for like five minutes. I got the save error message when trying to save. I bought spore on steam but I just used the cd key that you get on steam to play it on origin to see if that helped. Since i'm typing all this you can assume it didn't. On windows (c) or whatever i have 680 GB free so that's unlikely to be of any issue. If you can help me please.. any suggestion or idea would be greatly appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic