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[SUGGESTIONS] Off-the-Grid lot trait
[ Edited ]
★★★ Novice

Gameplay issues:

  1. Sims are no longer autonomously using the functional stove or fridge when on an off-the-grid lot, even to get leftovers. They will autonomously use the grills.
  2. Sims still get bills. Not sure what changed BUT when I added a house I got bills. I added the fridge and fish tank at the same time.
    1. Every item on the lot says parts don't function off the grid OR are not hooked to plumbing or electricity


Working items that maybe shouldn’t be:

  1. Digital Art Tablet (Digitalistic Sketchpad)
  2. Wabbit Tablet
  3. Kiddie pools (Wading with the Fishes & Summertime Palms)
    1. This is not an item I mind working but it doesn't make sense if the tub, sink and laundry tub do not function. Where did this water come from?
  4. Keyboard (DigiRAD Keyboard)
  5. Tablet (The Slablet)
  6. Dishwashers
  7. Refrigerators
    1. Maybe the old fashion one (IceBOX Vintage Refrigerator)
    2. If you keep these working add “Functional off the grid”
  8. Fireplaces
    1. Maybe a couple could work that are wood burning but not all of them especially the gas ones
    2. If you keep these working add “Functional off the grid”
  9. NanoCan Touchless Trash Can
    1. If you keep this working add “Functional off the grid”
  10. Auto Feeder (Petmate Programmatic Pet Feeder)
    1. If you keep this working add “Functional off the grid”
  11. Electric Cat box (Litter-Laser: Self-Cleaning Litter Box & Litter-Matic Scoop Free)
    1. If you keep this working add “Functional off the grid”
  12. Robot Vacuums (Robot Vacuum and High-End Robot Vacuum
  13. Not all of the grills should work.
    1. Where did we get the gas?!
    2. If you keep these working add “Functional off the grid”
  14. Hot tubs
  15. Fountains
  16. Pools
  17. Cameras
  18. Large Fish Tanks
    1. They still bubble even though they shouldn't be working
  19. String lights
    1. All of the ones with the Holiday update
    2. Garland Express & Festive Ceiling Garland & Framed Garland
  20. Peak Performance wall decoration from Bowling Night

Items that DON’T work that should:

  1. Laundry Tub (Ole Timmy’s Wash Tub)
  2. At least 1 bathtub
    1. 100% the woodworking crafted tub (Cask & Barrel Antique Tub)
  3. At least 1 base game sink for the kitchen.
    1. The only kitchen sink working right now is with Laundry Day
  4. The oil lamp
  5. A couple of base game hanging lights need to work like the Casa Morgan Mission-Style Lantern Chandelier
  6. Vampire Sink (Gothic Pedestal Sink)
    1. All other bathroom options with Vampires work
  7. The DIY Sink (Laundry Day)
  8. Weathered Lantern (Jungle Adventure)
  9. Tea pot
    1. This is questionable for me but maybe should work
  10. Old Fashion Music Player

Concepts that need to be addressed:

  1. If some electronics are kept working there needs to be a way to get all electronics to work like the earbuds
  2. Please add “Functional off the grid” to all of the candles that work
  3. All of the toilet, sink and shower options outside of Sulani give negative moodlets.
    1. Living off the grid should make you happy in some ways not just tense
  4. All of the radios are just disabled instead of having the message when you hover the options you want to select and it telling you that it isn’t functional off the grid.
  5. The functional stove (The YumCooker & Auld Crow Wood-Burning Cookstove) when selecting the option to cook it says “Cook with Gas”.
    1. This doesn’t make any sense because it isn’t consistent. If I can cook with gas then I can use a gas generator and hot water heater
      1. If I can use those then everything should work
      2. If I am using gas why do I not have bills!
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