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[FIXED] Zoom and rotate Trackpad controls not working since June patch
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Since the 18 June 2019 patch,, Sims 4 players are reporting that certain Trackpad controls are not working properly in game, specifically the pinch zoom gesture and the two finger rotate. One or other of the controls will work depending on which one you first use after launching your game.


Players affected:


All Mac users patched to




Thankfully this isn't a game breaker and is easy to work around. Use the following alternative controls to zoom and pinch:

Zoom option 1 - two finger swipe, as if you are scrolling up and down a page

Zoom option 2 - use the + and - keys

Rotate - use the < and > keys or mapped equivalent on your keyboard


If you feel using the < and > keys is not helpful when building simply make sure you use these in game before using pinch to zoom. This will render the pinch to zoom function useless but still allow you to use two finger rotate.


For more explanation of Trackpad controls go into System Preferences > Trackpad and watch the little animated explanations. Apple also have a support page here -


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