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Who do we see in parties?
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I’m wondering which one of my Sims other players see when I attend a party.


Normally I let all of my four Sims visit the parties I attend. And I have sometimes notised that other players also have sent 2-3 of their Sims. A couple of times I have also seen 4 guests from the same player. But I have no idea what controls who is being shown. Does anyone know?


I guess there must be some kind of limit to how many Sims can be in the same house at the same time, and I have notised that my grown up children are kicked out of the house when guests are arriving at my party (they probably go to the club to have fun). So if I attend a party with many guests, I guess only one of my Sims will show (which one tho, the last one I sent?). And maybe Sims I «use» myself will not show, or? 

Who Me Too'd this topic