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PTS update - 6/14/2019
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EA Community Manager


Thanks everyone for your replies! As someone said earlier, still doing a bit of catch up reading after EA Play and E3. 


I'm working closely with the rest of the dev team to put together notes for upcoming changes this week. As soon as I have all of the information compiled I'll share here on the forums. 




Hey Freelancers,


It’s time for some updates on PTS and what we’re doing over the next couple of weeks.


To start, we’re turning on more of the arenas in the Cataclysm over the weekend. Some of you may have already noticed, but 5 arenas are now active as of today (there were only 3 active previously). On midday Saturday we’ll be turning on 7 arenas that are in the Cataclysm to let you experience them all. Feel free to jump in and check them out if you’re on PC! 


You may have also noticed that we didn’t have a new build this weekend. This is because the team is currently working on implementing some of the feedback that you all have provided us, and so that we can have a build with even more changes for you to check out in the near future.


Thank you all for taking some of your time to share feedback after playing on the PTS, it’s extremely helpful to the team! We'll provide more updates once the next build is ready to go up on PTS.


Stronger Together!


Who Me Too'd this topic