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Someone logged into my account even with email verification on?
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Yesterday I got this email saying that my account was signed into. Only things I am provided with is the date, time, and which country the login was from.

This was not me logging in though, so I decided to login into my account and turn on email verification.

The next day they were able to log into my account again, and I didn't get any email about a verification code at all.

It's weird because the logins are coming from 2 different countries, one from "CN" (I think that's Canada) and the newer one being from "GN" (Idk what the real name is I aint a geologist) so maybe it's someone with a VPN

Also all the emails list "New sign-in on WEB", idk if that means anything other than it saying it was logged in from a browser

So should I reset my password or was making an email verification was good enough and it's a security problem on EA's end?

Who Me Too'd this topic