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High ping & packet loss while playing on <30 ping server w/85Mbps DL & 55Mbps UL
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I live in China and while my closest server (geographically speaking) should be Hong Kong, it always has high ping (currently it has 196 ping and 44% packet loss). Due to that, I have been making do with one of the two Taiwan - GCE servers.


On paper, these servers look good as one of them is almost always below 30 ping and 0% packet loss. However, when I am in the game I can constantly see the Packet Loss and High Ping red symbols on the top right corner of my screen (with the occasional Congestion and Prediction Error thrown in from time to time) and I lag constantly despite playing on an Ethernet connection with 85+Mbps download and 55Mbps+ upload speed.


It would be nice if I could get a solution to this problem as I have spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours on this game, and it would be a shame to have to quit because I can no longer stand trying to play it. By the way, this is on PC.

Who Me Too'd this topic