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[FIXED] Every single time I start a game it crashes
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First, I apologize for my bad english, but I hope this method will help some good men and they will not lose their time *

If your game just closes without error when you try to start it - check your friend list in Origin. If someone of your friends plays another game (not Apex) ask him to use stealth mode in Origin or try to delete him from friend list for test and then start your game

Also it's reason why: "I have two accounts, this is only happening on my "main account", on my other account, it's working."

It helped me, although I lost one week for search of solution.


Dear EA, I hope you will fix it as soon as possible.

Btw, check your mods in RU section in this forum. They just deleted (!) this solution without reasons, but it can help someone not to lost double XP weekends. 

Also I think this problem occurs because of the ASCII сode doesn't include some symbols from the names of other games.


In this video you can see how it works. Also I'll add error screenshot. 

I hope it will help someone :3 

Who Me Too'd this topic