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TeamBuilder shouldn't be that hard to fix or update us on
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I have been waiting almost a full year to use TeamBuilder and the EA mods constantly give us no substantive information. Here are my grievances


1) It's just a broken save feature. It shouldn't be that hard to fix. Like someone in the main thread said: "Go you your NCAA Teambuilder website, click "save school" and click ENABLE! This is the only thing holding the community back from playing with new/different created teams in the game. If there is no more space to create teams, then delete every school with under 10 downloads. This could fix the issue. Please and Thank You". This feature of the game still has a huge following (especially on YouTube, i.e. the legendary UGF Pandas) and its massively disappointing that we've had to wait so long with such rare and vague updates


2) the mods give us no real updates anymore. All they say is "I do not have a timeframe for a fix but as soon as I hear any further information I will let you know" or especially "We have no further information in relation to the Team Builder website". Both of which are dumb. If you do not have information or a timeframe, please go seek such info. Even if EA isn't in charge of fixing the site, they surely have contact with the people who are. It shouldn't be all that hard to just call them up and say "hey how's it coming along?". And if there's some barrier to doing that, let us know! It's been infuriating being left in the dark. It almost feels like EA is just never ever gonna fix TeamBuilder and is just going to shut us up, lock our threads, and hope we forget about it. So please, when you mods inevitably lock this thread, please do so with some legitimate, explanatory information about the delay or lack of communication rather than your normal lame-duck answer. Please. We just want to know what's going on. That's all we ask. Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic