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Apex FPS drops on GTX1080ti Gsync 144Hz
★ Apprentice

I haven't played for 2-3 days but turned on this evening to find to my dismay I am suddenly getting FPS drops and stuttering. I have a 1080ti running a 144Hz Gsync monitor and have never had this problem with Apex before (sometimes I would get slowdowns on obviously bad servers but not sure if this is the same problem). I am also running an I9 with 32Gb RAM. There is no way that my system shouldnt be able to run Apex at a pretty fluid 144Hz/FPS all the time even with everything set to high. What is going on?

I have heard a lot of people complaining about problems these last few days but most don't seem to be noticing FPS drops, whereas mine is clearly dropping, going down to 80 at some moments... any ideas?



Who Me Too'd this topic