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Mass effect 2 will not connect to Xbox Live (Xbox One)-Please Help!!
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 So I got the game a while ago and everything was working fine until recently. Whenever I go into the game, it says its signed in but won't connect to Xbox Live.

-I already have the Cerberus Network dlc installed

-I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it

-I go back in forth between 2 consoles alot so might that have anything to do with it?

-Have tried moving it between ext. and int. storage

-All my other backwards compatible games connect to xbox live pefrectly fine.

-I have a physical and digital copy of the game (bought the digital after I had a similar problem before)

- When I click connect to Ceberus Network, the message reads "Cerberus Network Activation requires an Xbox Live enabled gamer profile. Please ensure you are connected to Xbox Live and try again."

It had been working just fine for the longest time. Then one day it wouldn't download my cloud saves, and while I am in the start screen my profile will not connect to Xbox live for some reason.

Please help!!

-From Mass Effect 2-Less in Florida

Who Me Too'd this topic