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'Apex Legends' Revenue Has Reportedly Fallen 75% Since Its Launch - Discussion
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Article Excerpt from Forbes - All content is owend by forbes 


Apex Legends was once thought to be the first real potential Fortnite-killer, yet the more time goes on, the more Apex seems to be settling into being a less world-dominating sort of release.

It may have amassed more players in a shorter amount of time than any game in history, but the huge revenue numbers it was pulling in for EA at launch have fallen sharply in the last few months as players have moved on or refused to purchase one of the endless number of microtransactions that pepper the game.

Superdata is reporting that Apex Legends has fallen out of the top ten charts on both PC and console in terms of revenue, which is down to a quarter of what it was in the game’s launch month of February.


E.A what is your response to this? Don't let such a good game die.

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