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NBA Live Mobile Beta programs
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Community Manager

We will be doing various BETA programs in NBA LIVE Mobile.


What are BETA programs?
A chance for fans to play a feature we are building so we can better understand the value it could have for our community.


Why are BETAs important to the NBA LIVE Mobile experience?
BETAs give us much needed information on whether a feature is ready for a wider release. During BETA, we measure stability, scalability, and general experience so that we can better understand the impact a feature can have on our community.


How are BETA players selected?
Participants are randomly selected.


How can I participate in the BETA program?
If you would like the chance to participate in our BETA programs, please provide your UID via Direct Message by clicking here (Do Not post it publicly, thanks). We will do our best to accommodate your request. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be satisfied. We'd love to hear your feedback on as many aspects of these betas as possible, from what you like to what can be improved and of course any technical issues you may encounter. Be sure to keep it clear and constructive. When we say constructive we don't mean "positive", we fully understand if you don't like every aspect of the game. We just want feedback that gives us the opportunity to implement changes when possible. 




The NBA Live Mobile Team.

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