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Origin Client Issues
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In all seriousness why is the Origin Client so terrible?  I have had to re-install Windows 10 twice to get Origin to work, only after trying every other suggestions - easy way and hard way.  I have never once had a problem with the Steam client, not ever.  It just always works.  Origin on the other hand.  I installed Prey on Steam last year and Origin stopped working.  So, either remove and never play my new Prey game or forget playing my Origin games like Titanfall 2 and BF1.  This is just a sample of the problems with Origin.  My question:  Why doesn't EA fix this garbage?  I really want an answer from someone at EA.  Why do you not fix this or, better yet, replace it with something better.  To my knowledge Steam does not have a web page dedicated to fixing COMMON problems with the client, you know "the easy way" or the "hard way"?!


Please, EA respond to this question.

Who Me Too'd this topic