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Aimbots are still very active
★★★★ Novice

Okay. I don't know if you guys feels the same way or not but out of 5 games I played today 3 of it has aimbots. This fools still manage to create a new account and just continues what they are doing. Whenever I get lasered down instantly its always by some lvl 5-19 idiots. Spec them to confirm and 99% of the time I was right. Third game however I got killed by one aimboter and then specing him and he however also dies to another aimboter. Its funny. But my point is. When will this stops? Respawn said they have banned more than 30 000 accounts but banning them and yet they manage to get back into the system doesn't seems to change anything right? And this is none of anybody business. But I will just be a lil more patient until season 2 comes out. If the situation is still the same which is (lack of content also & cheaters) I guess I will just kiss this game goodbye. It was really fun during its release. But now the current state it is in are just pure frustrating.

Who Me Too'd this topic