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Honor and Teamwork - Stronger Together
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★★ Guide

I really like what Anthem tries to inspire in players. The emphasis on restoring honor, stronger together.


I think it’s awesome that the reason to make your Javelin look impressive is to inspire awe in the people who see you. 


I find the team work in the game during these random strongholds or world events to be so satisfying. Players flying in to save a downed player, it feels like an epic Marvel battle and the clapping and tossing of flares when we’re victorious.


It feels good.


i compared it to other co-op games out there that are darker, inspiring backstabbing and theft and murder between players and it makes me appreciate Anthem’s positive message even more. So many games go dark and cynical while Anthem goes shining bright with optimism.


I really like the world they created and being a Freelancer in that world feels awesome.

Who Me Too'd this topic