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Where's the game going?
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Hello, just a few things;



     First, can you maybe add some variation in game.  New things for us to do.  This last update, I'm hoping with fingers crossed, is just a setup to a more substantial update coming soon.  Meaning, the last update seemed very lazy; no new weapons, troops or the like.  Just more levels and videos to watch that usually crash, really?  Meh, whatever.


          Examples that might help;


          One idea; 'Squad Invasion Challenge', or something like that.  What I mean is the ability of one Squad to challenge another using Invasion as the challenge platform.  Whichever Squad has the most points wins something.  You could also make a larger version, maybe 10 Squads, single elimination type of thing.  Think Clash of Clans war challenges or the like.


          Another idea, you could maybe create different unique solo challenges that happen once a month.  Example, 'Endlass Waves Solo Challenge', or similar.  Pretty self explanatory; higher number of waves survived the better the rewards.  Good for lower level players to earn weapons and rewards for a the ridiculous amount of leveling, and allow unique rewards for leveled players.  Think, the Mega Crab from Boom Beach or something similar.



     Second, what is up with Black Market?  What I mean is; I see other players with all Top Tier BM gear, I wonder how did they get them.  I ask because I receive BM offers maybe once a month, if I'm lucky, more like every 6-8 weeks.  I have never been offered Top Tier BM Weapons I use, so I held off purchasing any BM weapons for sometime now.  I do remember reading something in an update that said BM offers are going to be more customized, but that runs drastically counter to my experience.


     So, with that in mind; when I see these players with all Top Tier BM weapons I wonder how that is, math just doesn't seem right.  From my experience, it would take well over a year for me to finally be offered the BM weapons I use.  I understand offerings at BM are supposedly 'random', so it does raise some suspicion about the integrity of BM offers being equal amongst players.  Just saying.  I for example have stopped buying the $0.99 deal and saved 30k gold, simply because I never received a BM offer of a weapon I use.  Now, I am not going to buy any weapons until the next weapons update, and then again I'll wait until I get a BM weapon that I use.  So, I figure I might have close to 50k saved by then.


     Now, I don't know if I need to accomplish some task to get a BM offer or what; but I think it would make sound financial sense for you guys to modify BM, more frequently offered and offers more tailored to the player.  Example, if the person has a higher frequency of using one weapon over another than the BM will offer the Top Tier weapon of that kind.  It's called an 'if-then' operation in the computer world.  You guys might have someone there who knows a little about the idea.


    Lastly; I am wondering when you guys are going to fix the 'cancel match' glitch.  What I mean is; it doesn't seem right that some people are able to skip matches without a Dog-tag penalty.  So, I'm wondering when you guys are going to give the ability to skip matches, without losing a Dog-tag to everyone; or when you guys are going to fix the glitch so people are no longer able to skip matches without losing a Dog-tag.  Please don't act like you are unaware of this glitch, it has been around since the game first came out and if you pretend you are unaware of the glitch it would be very insulting.


In closing; I read a response in the forum, when another player asked a similar question regarding BM, and the response was very rude.  I looked for it, but it seems to have been pulled down, so I am unable to reference the post.  I am not sure if the Mod was having a bad day or if they just didn't understand words, but if there is someone there that can understand words and respond in an polite and intelligible way that would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.


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