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APEX is NOT one of the worst games ever made!!
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Well, I was addressing a comment in another forum but apparently someone got hostile before I finished... So I'll be posting my CIVIL response here lol. The issues are in bold, and these are my responses:


1. Can't put out Legends quick enough - If you think they didn't have more than 9-10 ideas for Legends, you might want to rethink your stance. There are plenty of data miners who have created lists of Legends from the code. Whether they make it to the final game or not is a different story, but that shows they were able to come up with at least 25 different ideas.


2. You have to play in groups of three - There are plenty of clans, Discord servers, and forums where you can find other like-minded squad members. It literally means nothing when people complain about a mechanic that has been in place since the beginning. There are already solutions for this.


3. Too many squads for too small of a map - I agree with the statement, but it doesn't convince me that this is "one of the worst games ever made."


4. Gun spawning locations - This can definitely be improved. I'd rather find a P2020 than nothing at all. But again, this is something you give feedback on. It still doesn't qualify as "one of the worst games ever made."


5. It takes forever to accomplish anything - Depends on what you're trying to accomplish. This game is about survival at the moment. You can actually advance in level and battle pass tiers by surviving until the Top 3. You also get plenty of XP by playing different characters. So the only other "accomplishment" I can think of is getting kills... But if you're only looking for kills, do you really expect to make it until the end?




6. Guns have too many attachments - I'm not sure what this one even means... It's literally got the easiest attachment system in any BR I've played. You walk up to an attachment and press a button. If you have something better, you can't pick it up. If it doesn't go on a gun, it won't say "Equip." Not sure what the issue is here.


7. Game is not noob friendly - This can be solved by matchmaking - which has been mentioned in other topics.


8. Quitters - This can be solved by a leaver penalty. As it sits, as long as someone stays until their banner expires, them leaving doesn't affect the team.


9. No other modes - It would be cool to have another mode, for sure. I agree. But until you implement the few changes in #1-8, you can't truly call APEX a "disaster."


10. Circle doesn't deal enough damage/sight issues - I agree that the circle is an issue. The times between circles take a little longer than necessary, and it does seem like people can see in/out very well. But there's a damaging circle in every BR, so the devs need feedback about what could make it better. Calling their new game "one of the worst games ever made" without providing thoughtful feedback will definitely slow their willingness to help.


11. TTK - It's three months in. If you're still using three mags to kill someone, maybe it's user-error...


12. Cheaters - This is an ongoing process. Taking on a new genre probably brought more issues, and in larger quantities, than they were expecting. I would say, "Be patient," but something tells me that wouldn't help this situation much.


These posts frustrate me because we have a lot of the same issues/suggestions, but putting it out there that "APEX is one of the worst games ever made" isn't helping anyone. This gives a false perception to new players. This game is far from one of the worst games ever made and I believe when Season 2 starts, it's going to shut a lot of negativity out. Will I be this optimistic if they don't make big changes in Season 2? Probably not. But we haven't even given them a chance to read the feedback, process the information, come up with solutions, test the new solutions, and implement the solutions. All of this takes time. Stop spreading this "worst game" nonsense. It hurts the entire community.

Who Me Too'd this topic