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48 hours after ban wave hits....
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yeah its rampart again...  people wipen whole squads in a single mag then u spectate them and they run into another team get downed cant hit the broad side of a barn or jsut run around aimlessly to avoid combat... its still the same * you just caught there main accounts now there rerolling them.... EVERY MATCH IS level 2-40 accounts no battlepasses just REROLLED AIMBOT TOGGLERS !


How have you not implemented a stat tracker or a second level to control this?

we are moving into month 4 and approaching season 2 at this point you still cant get a grasp  "for more then 12 hours" ON YOUR OWN IN HOUSE SERVERS?



You updated a post saying hey we did something great! 755k banned LMFAO!


and there just instantly rerolled!


hacks are patched and instantly viral and just bypass what ever it was you did that took months to do. They reverese enginered and patched it within minutes for it to be viral again within 12 hours!


The week end Apex servers shows its true colors alot of people off work out of school etc... alot more people in the game! alot more of the same ol same ol just getten hit by level 20's now that are GOD's LOL


THIS is what ive been seeing alot of the last 2 days....

i love this one........ 3rd ring 3 or4 teams left ..... BOOM! ateam finds you pushs you downs yor squad in 3 seconds flat LoL.


You spectate them. 2 of the 3 guys dont even have a shield on! but you continue to watch them engage in the last fight to win the match...and  that guy im spectating  will do one of 3 things!


A.) run away from combat aimlessly looting slowly (last ring 2 teams left over 10 kills)

B.) will run to  another team act like they cant shoot then get downed and leave the match asap (its a numbers grind there after)

C.) will have 2 godly team mates (no sheilds no time to stop to put one on LOL) with them running behind them the entire time and down all the low targets the other 2 didnt kill so they (didnt get spectated)








Who Me Too'd this topic