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Dear EA,
★★★ Newbie

Disclaimer: Customer Service advised me to post this here, so that the TSTO Team will see this. 




It's no secret that something is going on in the world of Tapped Out.  To go from years of constant updates, with no break in between, to a sudden screeching halt, we know something is going on.  Whether it's financial, personnel, or simply taking time to fix problems with the game.  (although if you didn't slow down when the rollback glitch was running rampant, I don't know why you would do it now)  The players of TSTO aren't stupid, we know something is going on.  


We've been loyal to this game for a long time, we simply ask that you please provide the players of Tapped Out some kind of statement as to what is going on with the game. We understand your history doesn't typically dictate giving statements regarding updates or non-updates BUT given your history and cycles of updating this game regularly, the players of TSTO deserve some insight into what is going on.  While you don't owe us anything, as loyal players of this game for nearly 7 years we deserve to be treated like we matter. 


Customer service mattersOptics matter.  


Communication. It's free. It works


Communicate with us on what's going on so that we can choose to continue to stick around and drop money into the game, or if it's time to cut our losses and walk away. 


Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic