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To the people saying "loot is fine"
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i have seen a lot of discussions about all the different issues concerning anthem, from the QoL issues, to game breaking issues, disconnects, loot and many more.


while i cant really get myself to play anthem lately (and i have been hyped for anthem for a long time and defended it harshly after release) i do have my problems with the incredible amount of bugs... but the biggest concern is definetly the lack of progression.


ive played around 100hours of anthem and got 1 javelin at 788 and the others at early 700s, so i have been rather lucky with a lot of legendary drops (when comparing to other players that have played the same amount of time).

and yes... the biggest game breaker is the "loot system"

it is not that we need 10 legendaries in each mission, that would ruin the game. but u actually get to the point were the only gear improvement can be achieved thru legendary items pretty fast. and 99% of all drops aure useless spacefillers. so i have spent days playing for 3-5 hours without any progression... yes there are MW drops, they are useless. u get 1 legendary item, its useless cuz of bad inscriptions

we need changes to the loot system... that includes:

- changes to the crafting system

- being able to craft new inscriptions or change them (like in Diablo 3) on items with ember or other materials/items

- up the legendary droprate by a tiny amount at least


its just sad that in a looter-shooter (that is supposed to be grindy) you have no option for progression whatsoever and no reward for playing anymore.

you can play a game "just for the fun of playing around" for a while, but not for more than 30mins a day in my opinion.. at least thats how long i last in anthem in the past weeks before quitting.


so how can people say "the loot system" is fine?... its not only about the drop rate, its about most items being completely useless in an item-grind game.

Who Me Too'd this topic