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Major Lagging in Sims 4
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I would post this in another thread if I could find anyone with this problem that didn’t have it fixed by something that did work for me.

I’ve been running Sims 4 on my laptop for a few years and it’s always been very slow, to the point of freezing for multiple minutes and taking about 20 minutes just to save and exit.

I have tried removing my cc, putting the game in laptop mode, lowering the graphics, putting it in 32bit, fixing my screen resolution, fixing the game, and EVEN starting with a refreshed windows.

nothing is working for me and it doesn’t matter whether I’m playing just the base game or the expansions, whether in a small lot with one sim or a large lot with 8. The issues stay relatively the same. I have tried starting with a fresh install as well so I know it’s not an issue of a corrupted save.

If anyone can help me out here, I would gladly accept the help.

note: My specs are fine. I have 4GB of ram and you don’t even need that much. I have the latest video driver for my laptop as well.

Who Me Too'd this topic