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To many non-subscriber restrictions!
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I get it; the game NEEDS to bring in money. HOWEVER; there are just to many restrictions even when compared to a game like RuneScape which also has content restrictions. 

 1. The Credit Cap is ridiculous! Non-Subscribers only receive a cap of 200k-350k which may not sound so bad since you can bank your cress into the Legacy Vault, but it can make getting very essential items from areas like the GTN pretty much unobtainable with all of the price inflations on there. 

 2. I did not know about this until last night, but there is even a Loot Cap for Flashpoints! I don’t even see why there is one, but having a weekly loot cap for flashpoints is a great way to simply annoy players who do plan to or are at least considering subscribing since they can’t build up a bit first and save their subscription time for the more preferred access game materials. 

 3. It would help if there were one or two additional mission sets that gave complimentary inventory space for new characters. This would also help the game gain more players since both subbed and unsubbed players would have a little more space on them for carrying things and worry less about having to decide between keeping or getting rid of bound items like Experience Boosters that cannot be stores into a vault. 

 4. Submitting in-game tickets or using the games forums shouldn’t be exclusive to subscribers. Even if it’s just one ticket; all players should be allowed to create and submit one ticket when seeking help with an issue about their account or in-game feature or something relating to the game. 

 5. Even if they are not part of the main story arc; bonus missions should be fixed so they can function more appropriately. Especially when you never know if and when the developers may decide to tie in additional side missions for your companions or other things. 

 6. Why is there NO Playsr to Player trading for unsubbed players?? This only makes it harder for veteran players to help newer players, possibly people they know in real life or from another game, and limits exchanges between unsubbed players exchanging materials subbed players may want or need. 

 7. May sound silly, but it might also help to at least reduce the variety duplicate Relics and Implants that do basically the same things as one another with the only real difference being that some are free drops while others are craftable items you can sell on the GTN. There really isn’t a point to having more than one version of the exact same item unless there is some hidden perk to it like an achievement of some kind since these specific items don’t even have any physical appearance on the player character outside the equipment window and merely take up resource space in the game’s programming. I kinda get some people don’t really care, but having two Augmented ‘BLUE’ Lv50 items that grant the exact same stat boosts yet having two different names isn’t that appealing and the more that is added; the more likely you are going to have issues with the game and that is speaking from personal programming experience. 



I have noticed this game really pushes the bar for pay to play and although it is not the worst one I have seen and many players support it regardless; just these problems alone are enough to suck the fun out of playing the game. I am not saying that EA should make the game 100% entirely free to play; that just wouldn’t be fair to them and their employees if they did. What I am asking is that some features, at least the items I mentioned on this list, be improved on like how I tried to describe. It would help bring in more fresh faces and then EA would have more players playing who would be tempted to cash in in order to get some nice additional bonuses. Nowadays; a lot of gamers like myself are a bit more cautious with how we spend our money due to real life circumstances and with previous experiences with other games and game developers. I myself have been saving up for a two month subscription plan, possibly one of the packages from, but if this is how the game is going to be continuously operated; then I’m not even sure I want to refer this to any of my friends or family. Yes I get how dumb it sounds and how this may just sound like a rant from a random nobody and since everything pretty much becomes free after subscribing, but it’s not unrealistic to think about these things and to look at how successful so many other games have been by being less restricted which makes them more inviting. This game should be just a little more welcoming otherwise WHY bother with an unsubscribed game feature if it doesn’t even do well enough to wet the appetite of many of the new players who love Star Wars? 



SW KotOR 1, which this game follows up on after KotOR 2, is virtually one of the shining gems out of all the Star Wars games, yet Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls games have greater marketing value and even had an Anthology pack which featured the first five games in COMPLETE form and it was not to long ago that Bethesda had a one week free trial period for players interested in checking out the Elder Scrolls MMORPG first hand. On top of that; Disney hasn’t done as well with the new SW films as they have with Marvels Avengers. If things don’t change soon like with at least some the items I have listed like Credit and Loot Caps and lack of access to both support and the forums; this game will probably be discontinued sometime after the new expansion. 

Who Me Too'd this topic