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vault is too small.... 4suit, 5 variations????
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before this update i had my vault balanced and at 230-240ish with stuff i needed to keep, update happens and all of a sudden i am now at 279 and can't play, where has the extra gear come from, i can't delete grey stuff, why, just can't, even though i have the blueprints for better versions ..... this is ridiculous, 250 vault space for 4 suits which are allowed 5 variations of different settings. you guys are always going on about drops and how it will make us leave if we get everything, but there's 4 suits and 5 variants to grind for , are you stupid, we need more vault space to work it out , so you work it out and give us another 150 atleast.... will you ever listen to the players, whats it EA's saying, it's for the players.... then listen to us.... i have played EA games since the 80's and then early sega and nintendo machines. make this game great..... with all it's faults i enjoy the game.....

Who Me Too'd this topic