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Apex Legends won't launch [PC]
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I recently built a new PC and installed Apex on it. Unfortunately, however, I've been completely unable to even launch the game since I downloaded it last week. When I try to launch the game (from the desktop or from origin) the Easy Anti-Cheat window opens, loads and disappears (as I suspect is normally the case). However, my origin client then pops back up and my game doesn't launch.


Here are the fixes I've already tried:

- Updating nVidia drivers

- Turned my overclock on and off

- Uninstalled and reinstalled Apex

- Repaired Apex

- Updated Apex

- Repaired Easy Anti-Cheat

- Changed the language to Polish and back to English

- Checked Windows Firewall Defender to ensure Apex is allowed

- Run in administrator mode and compatibility mode

- I've tried moving it to my HDD and then back onto my SSD


Is anyone going through a similar problem? I would love to be able to actually play lol


My Specs in case they help:


i5-9600K (overclocked)

16gb DDR4 ram

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