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Let's change it up a little bit... What are your favorite things about APEX??
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★★★★ Guide

The forums are full of feedback, complaints, and other comments, but I wanted to breathe life back into this game. I just played APEX on my lunch break and realized how much I love it, regardless of some of the expressed frustrations from others.


So, as a console player, some of my favorite things about APEX are:

1. I appreciate the variety of legends. Variety is different than effectiveness, but I really love the abilities and how they change up gameplay. 

2. I love the loot system. Being able to run up to an attachment and automatically attach it is awesome. I've played a lot of games and never had that before. Maybe PC players have seen other games like this, but I really appreciate it. Standard smile

3. I love the look of the game. I've only seen two other people who agree with me, but the look reminds me of Borderlands... Add the loot system to the mix and I get heavy Borderlands vibes. That's a great thing!

4. The ping system is great. It allows players without mics to be included in the gameplay. 

5. I honestly do like the TTK in this game... At first, I wasn't sure about it... but after playing a LOT, I appreciate it because I'm not instantly down like FN or Blackout. I can actually regroup and make a play. It just feels good to me!


These are just some of the things I really enjoy about APEX! If you have your own positive comments, feel free to share! I believe this game can succeed and I want to look back in a couple years at the progress. 

Who Me Too'd this topic