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LEGAL: BioWare Has 9 Days Left to Deliver the Following Features
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I'm a EU national and a lawyer and I've become increasingly worried that there is a serious risk of BioWare not being able to fullfil their obligations in accordance with their roadmap. I've been looking over general rules within the EU and found that, in the event BioWare fails to deliver upon their promises, a consumer might have enough legal footing to request a partial or whole refund of the purchased game.


I will begin by listing the features that are planned for this month and then provide some legal context. Finally I'd like to open the floor to hear your thoughts on these matters and if anyone else has come to the same conclusions as I have.


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According to the Acts and Updates page the following features are supposed to be added to this game sometime in the next 9 days:


  • Mastery System
  • New Items
  • Shaper Surge
  • Legendary Missions - Phase II
  • Weekly Stronghold Challenges
  • Leaderboards
  • Guilds
  • The Sunken ✔️
  • 6x "Cortex Locked" ❌

= Unconfirmed

✔️ = Confirmed


Can we get some clarification regarding these features and when they'll be implemented as well as what they actually mean?


I would also like to get some information regarding what the 6 Locked Cortexes will entail.





On the Acts and Updates page there's a disclaimer stating:


The below is subject to changes as we are exploring content and listening to our community feedback.


However, in accordance with consumer rights in the EU a buyer of goods/services is allowed to either withdraw from the contract or get a monetary compensation if the counterpart is unable or unwilling to provide what was agreed upon at the time of purchase.


Since Anthem was advertised as a "live service" game I'd say that most of us expected (rightfully so) that features would be added in the coming months after release.


There's only 9 days left until April is at an end and we have yet to get any information regarding 13 of 14 planned features for this month. If that don't constitute a breach of contract then I don't know what does.


For more information please see Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights.





I expect answers to the questions posted above either from the legal department at EA or from the developer themselves  within the next five (5) business days.





What do you guys think about this? Is anyone else worrying that BioWare wont provide the promised features within the set timetable? Do you also consider this a breach of contract?



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