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20 fps on high end PC, help?
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Having terrible issues with framerate. My Laptop is getting 170 fps (I have a ASUS ROG Strix Hero II), and my desktop, custom built, is getting 20.


My desktop is running:



1080ti STRIX

32g 3200mhz ram

Win 10

Installed on SSD


Had no issues the last time I played, only to find 20 fps when I booted it up this time.


I've tried changing my graphics card in nvidia settings so its loading the 1080ti, clearing out caches, offline version, no Origin overlay, no internet, no firewalls, lower settings, fresh installs of both Origin and the game (plus all expansions/content), and I have no custom content or mods installed. 


DxDiag is attached. I heard about the Freelancers patch and decided I'd buy the missing expansion through the bundle, installed that and patch, then noticed I could barely do anything as it would fluctuate between 10-20 fps even just in the menu and character creation.


This isn't a hardware problem from what I can tell. Warframe is running 350+ fps, WoW runs 100+, I have no issues with any other game, only Sims 4.

Obviously, I could solve the entire thing by just playing on my laptop, but I'd prefer to play it on my PC if possible.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic