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My luck
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I just recently hit level 100  and so I cannot earn Apex Packs for leveling anymore. I am battle pass level 86 and finally got my 100% legendary pack. I have opened the pack and got the Bangalore frame "Fire and Fury". There's no issue with that except that the game has still not given me any damn Legendary character skins. Please help it something. All I wanted was one for any character since I have no main character and would actually like a skin that has an actual changed appearance. I think I may be the most unlucky person when it comes to Apex Packs. I play on Xbox One and the game is extremely fun and ever since its release, I have played everyday since then. I also play Apex Legends on the PC, while my father is level 14 and already got a Legendary character skin for Bloodhound.



Sincerely: Steven Webb

aka- Hygieux

Who Me Too'd this topic