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PvZ Battlez reset 4/30/2019 Attention EA!
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Due to your recent proposition to end/reset win streaks on PVZ Battles, I will be leaving the game. Other factors which contributed to my leaving:

1. EA's inability to detect or exclude cheaters using overpowered plants. I have sent 4 support tickets with screen shots, times, dates and player's names. I have used over 530 gems to maintain my win streak because of EA not living up to its TOS. While I get an initial reply to the ticket, I get no follow-up information or explanation of how it was resolved. When I check the support page, every one of my tickets has been closed, even though I was not contacted about its closing nor was I reimbursed for the gems I was made to lose, and the cheating/EA-Bots continue.

2. I suspect that EA does not have "live" competition between actual players. Often times i have paused the game and forgotten about it, only to resume the game hours later and complete it. This cannot happen in live play. There is also a strong trend for a player's win streak to end every 7-10 battles. When this happens it requires ten gems to resume the streak. Also, when I examine the plants of opponent, they are usually the same plants but of lesser levels which carry with them a high improbability of defeating their higher level counterparts. I have also had my win streak ended by opponents using plants at a very high mastery level (over 100.) Only one of my plants is at mastery level, which does not lead to an even or near even playing field. I played this game in good faith that I was playing against "live" human players, and not EA-Bots- (manufactured accounts made by EA for the purpose of unfairly rigging or tampering with your game to cause you to lose.)  I question the legality of this technique, casinos have payout odds clearly posted, they simply can't plan to make you lose every 7-10 games, and in the same manner. 

3. I believe that EA can certainly maintain our win streak, but they choose not too. They can maintain our gauntlets, gold count, plants and plants levels, but NOT our streaks? Not even compensate us for them? 

In closing, I am going to investigate what the process is for filing a class action lawsuit against EA, if anyone is interested in joining me, please do.

Who Me Too'd this topic