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Overdrive freezing/crashing in Overdrive & Blitz Games
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I've invested quite a bit into this game over the years.. Both time and money.


Over the course of the past couple weeks, the overdrive game mode would start to lag during a matchup abd the game would completely freeze at the very end just before scores are shown. 


This was an on going thing that just got worse and worse as time went on.


Tonight I can't even load into an overdrive match where the opponent has a one minute hed start because the game locks up and freezes.


Sometimes or just freezes completely to where i I have to force close the app and start over. 


Then upon reloading the game, it freezes on the loading wheel right after the splash screen for about 3-5 minutes.


Once in the game, I can do events. I can do league drives. Everything operates normally, except for overdrive.


So start up and overdrive are both broken.


I have a galaxy note 8. There are zero issues with all other apps. This is the only one that's affected.


If I've done all the basic trouble shooting. Uninstall, clear cache, clear data, reinstall, power cycled the device.. Even factory reset it. Nothing is different. 


I even tried the game on my wife's phone (galaxy s7) and my mother's iPhone ... Same issues


What gives?

Then I'm told to post here by customer support, i do... And it gets marked as spam?
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Who Me Too'd this topic