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Please buff Mirage ult
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As you can see I am Mirage main.. i playing him a lot... lots of people playing other champs than Mirage. And I know why... because his ult.... Angry


Ok his ult is good for escapes or engage... but... when you are get close to an enemy... you can't shoot...  and it's same for escaping... you cant heal yourself.... you can't zipline... you are just an "invisible" guy who can be spotted by enemy... Guys do you remember Titanfall 2 invisible can shoot  and you become visible... and that's  perfect .... I dont know  why  they didn't add to Mirage....  Thinking


Ok that's invisibility... now his decoys, when you are invisible ... Really ?  you have just deployed 6 decoys for what ? For standing still and just chilling ??  what the hell ?? They will know you are invisible..   I prefer  2 decoys will retreat away instead 6 standing still.  Thinking  Cool

Who Me Too'd this topic