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[Ice Combo] - Mr Freeze Build - self healing, shoot to prime GM1&2
★★★★★ Apprentice

Twas bored with the grind....


A little excel stats configurator project while waiting for big patch: 


Anyway was thinking of a pretty front end inbetween doing tables and vlookups and came up with this...

Mr Freeze setup2.jpg


Anyhow enough of the twaddle..


My current Ice Combo dude (Mr Freeze), which plays every well in GM1 and 2. If looking for a "in close" brawler kind of playstyle then this is so much fun. Melee restores shields (40%), Ammo pickups restore armour (20%), Combo's (60%) with double detonators (TG on+100% charges) - Weapons and melee both prime (Acid & Ice).  ToY for mid range and shields, RC for priming fast, plus a bit of dmg close up. If you get the order right you can combo 3 effects in turn, Acid, Ice, Elec or mixed. You never run out of detonators as long as you combo. Have 150% Phy Dmg on Renewed Courage, and +100% on the The Gambit grenade but the rest is just chippings.  Any thoughts or maybe how to improve it (highly likely) very welcome.

Who Me Too'd this topic