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What's in Prospero's store?
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We were chatting in another thread about what's in Prospero's vanity store and that a list of what's been in there, what we like and don't like and what might be coming up, might make an interesting discussion.


In the Store


August 20th

August 16th

August 13th


August 9th


August 6th


August 2nd

July 30th

July 26th


July 23rd


July 19th


July 16th


July 12th


July 9th


July 5th


July 2nd


June 28th


June 25th


June 21st

June 18th

June 14th

June 11th

June 7th


June 4th

May 31st


May 28th

May 24th

Screenshot 2019-05-24 21.49.15.png


May 21st

May 17th

May 14th

May 10th

May 7th

May 3rd

April 30th

April 26th

April 23rd

April 19th

April 16th

April 12th

April 9th:

April 5th:

April 2nd:

March 29th:

March 25th (version 2):

March 25th (version 1):

March 22nd:

March 19th:

March 15th:

March 12th:

March 8th:

March 5th:

March 1st

February 26th

February 23rd

Early Access

February 21st

February 15th 2019

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Who Me Too'd this topic