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Memory Leak!?
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Hi guy's.


Not a rant post so please don't flame or troll.............


Is any body else getting memory leaks? on shut down of the game the screen goes black like its closing down an just hangs.


The only way ive found of clearing this is either "ALT-F4" or "CTRL-ALT-DELETE",last night i did the "ALT-F4" option then tried playing Battlefront 2 with a friend an it kept going in a cycle.


"Cloud sync" an back to the Origin UI,so i checked the process's running in the back ground an Anthem was still running,ended the process an BF2 booted fine.


Also noticed on the initial boot up of Anthem that all 12 threads are hitting 92-99% until i get in the Javelin.


i7 8700 (6 cores-12 threads)

32gig ddr4 3200

Gtx 1080 Ti.


Division used to do the same years ago until a patch fixed the problem but at that time i was on a totally different Pc build as well. 

Who Me Too'd this topic