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BW doesn't get it
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I really don't know what is going on in your offices. I don't know why you refuse to do something about the loot system, or why you refuse to address your community, or why you seem so out of touch with your player base. Just read the patch notes and nothing addressing loot other than fixing a bug with items dropping for Javelins you aren't playing. Pretty pathetic.


For weeks now, the overall conversation has been on the abysmal loot system:


That's just the front page of the forums and doesn't include reddit.


Clearly there is a disconnect between the player base and the developers of this game. Fixing a single bug that made an existing horrible loot system less frustrating is not nearly enough for most players to continue playing. Your patch today after several weeks of player frustration is essentially it sucks a little less now. Lucky us, right?


I love the game. Most people love the game. But for whatever reason, you fail to understand the simple idea that people want to become more powerful while waiting for new content. Maybe you really do think that if people geared up too quickly that they would leave because of a lack of content, but doesn't that just show us that you don't have faith in your content being enough to keep people playing?


Right now, if I could play and actually improve my Javelin for upcoming content then I would still be playing. I had a shred of hope you got it, that I'd see something in the notes today saying "We get it." But you don't.


You don't understand my enjoyment of your game comes from both the content and improving my javelin. I had enough trust in you delivering future content to play and wait for it. I don't have any more trust that you're going to let me improve my Javelin at a rate that makes me say "Wow, I'm having fun and getting better while I wait!"


It's time to crank up the loot throttle and see what happens. Maybe we're wrong and we will leave. Maybe you're wrong and we'll stay. But at this point, do you really have anything to lose?

Who Me Too'd this topic