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[PS4] Not earning daily scraps
★★★★ Novice

Battlefield 1 on PlayStation 4, fully up to date. 


Since March 28th I haven’t been earning the daily scraps at the end of a round for “first round of the day,” highlight and winning a round. I’ve played several separate days (4+) on Dice official conquest servers this week and haven’t earned any scrap for any round including today.


Things I’ve tried: 

-power cycle PS4

-close and restart game

-scrapped items in inventory and played a round, didn’t fix

-bought battlepacks and traded in scraps I have for battlepacks and scrapped those items, no fix

-waited, hasn’t fixed itself and haven’t been earning them even though they may not show up in the round results with ribbons. 


Please advise and thanks for any help! 

Who Me Too'd this topic