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30 Missions/SH on GM3...No Lemons
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Today I’ve completed 30 things on GM3 including Legendary Missions, Legendary Contracts, Freeplay, and Strongholds..... Not even a single Legendary drop from anything! Yet I can run Heart of Rage on GM1 back to back and get almost a Legebdary every second run. (88 Luck btw)


The loot system in Anthem is shabby at best, there should be a clear difference in loot between GM1-3.

Before some keyboard warrior spouts “it’s RnG bruh” what I’m saying is that the RNG should have higher chance on harder difficulties.


5 GM3 runs and no Lemons, ok a bit unlucky.

10 GM3 runs and no Lemons, maybe RnGesus left for lunch.

15 GM3 runs and no Lemons, getting pissed off now.

....but 30!? Close app, delete broken game, * on the forums.

Who Me Too'd this topic