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Some suggestions for improving Anthem.
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★★★★★ Apprentice

Here's a few things that I've noticed over time, which I'd like to see addressed:


Quality of life improvements:

  • Bulk Salvage when returnging from a mission. It takes way too long to go through your gear at the end of a mission, and salvaging each one.  Let us mark them as junk, or tick them, then bulk salvage.
  • Compare option in the salvage screen - to make it easier to decide if something should be salvaged.
  • Salvage while in Freeplay - the small loot limit is silly.  Being forced out of Freeplay to clear bags is annoying.  If we had the option to go into our bags and salvage stuff while in freeplay, that would be helpful. 
  • Allow us to combine lower tier embers into higher tier ones.  There's really not much point having green and blue embers when you're decked out in Legendaries.  Let us convert them to epic, so we can at least use them to create the buffs.
  • Also on embers, how about making it possible to use embers to re-roll inscriptions on gear/weapons?  It could cost 20 or 50 per roll, so it's not cheap or game-breaking, but it would make farming less annoying, because we'd have more uses for the stuff we pick up.  Even if we don't get the legendary we want, we can at least try to re-roll the ones we currently have.
  • Implement gearscore minimums for playing at higher difficulty levels.

    I'd suggest:

    GM1 - 500+ (Maybe even 550)

    GM2 - 600+

    GM3 - 700+

    There are far too many low level players trying to gain an advantage and cheap access to loot but letting the rest of us carry them through missions on higher difficulties, which they have no business being in yet.  They often either spend their time dead, or just following behind doing nothing, because they know they're useless in the mission.

  • Map icons in Freeplay for events.  Flying around aimlessly for hours is really annoying.  If we could at least see where the events are, it will make it much easier to do them and complete objectives.  

  • Waypoint markers in Freeplay.  Directly related to the above, it would be awesome if we could put waypoint makers on the map, and have them guide us the same way that missions waypoint markers do.  This woud allow us to mark the event we'd like to do on the map, then follow the marker to get to the right location.
  • Direction of other team members in Freeplay.  It's quite difficult to find your team in Freeplay, without opening the map, trying to figure out the direct they're in, then try to get there.  The easiest solition would probably be to allow us to teleport to team member in Freeplay. 

  • Make respawn locations closer to point of death, there have been numerous times where I've lost my place in Freeplay (and didn't get to finish an event) because I died and respawned somewhere far away, and I couldn't remember where I was to begin with.  Or, put in waypoint to you "corpse" so you can quickly find your way back.  This also applies to missions and strongholds.  I can't count the number of times I respawned somewhere weird, a long way from my team, and couldn't get back to them fast enough to avoid that damn teleport timer.
  • Maps for "indoor" areas in freeplay.  Those little doorway icons that take you into an instance have no maps.  It would be nice to have a little map to show us the instance.
  • Minimap - this would address a few of the points above.  A minimap would be especially useful in Freeplay. 
  • Allow for more than 3 events to count towards your  daily/weekly quests in a single freeplay session.  Seriously, why would you limit that?  Having to exit and go back in just to complete the required 6 events, is just crazy.
  • Make loot item icons more visible.  When playing a storm for example, it's pretty easy to miss loot on the ground, because you spend most of your time flying around trying not to get shot down.  Sometimes when the mission progresses, you have to head down and find your loot, while the rest of the team moves on.
  • Be able to see all the patterns for crafting, but have the ones you don't have greyed out, with a description of where you get them from, so we don't have to sift through 100 pages of challenges to find them.  
  • Reduce the amount of work required to get MW patterns.  Some of them are ridiculously hard to get at this stage.



  • Storm freeze makes mobs invincible.  Sometimes when you freeze something, it basically becomes invincible for the duration of the freeze.  
  • The disconnects/blue screen crashes - there have been far more of those for me (PS4) since the last patch.
  • Challenges not registering when completed (strongholds, world events, etc) - I've seen multiple instances where I completed a stronghold for example, only to find that my challenge hasn't recognized that I've completed the stronghold.  I've also seen this happen elsewhere, but I don't recall exactly where right now.


That's all I can think of right now, but I'll add more if I remember Standard smile


Who Me Too'd this topic